XF 2 Record Book (Leaderboard) And potentially a new code maintainer


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I'm seeking a developer who writes code which conforms to XenForo's and other coding standards. Please do not reply if you have poor coding habits, inexperienced, etc.
For a full list of the requirements, please view the document below and send me a PM with your quote:


Submit records through custom fields into a list style record book, create record books with different requirements, etc.
Currently I'm on XF 2.1 however I would entertain ideas of going straight to 2.2 depending on various factors which I'd like to discuss.

Depending on how well this goes I am moving away from my current developer and I will need someone else to maintain my projects, approximately 10 different repositories ranging from simple modifications to fairly serious custom development. I also will have several additional projects that will need developed and also a small backlog of outstanding bug fixes/enhancements which need completed.
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I'm his current developer who he is looking to move away after having a mutual disagreement.