Recommended names for root "forum" directory


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Hey folks. I purchased XenForo last evening, and I'm installing today. Our old forum root directory is "forums", and I'm looking for suggestions on new names. As if now, it's "community", but I thought I'd throw it out for input. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Tracy Perry

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If I did that, would the forums be accessible at with out the redirect I've put into place?

Are there any DOWNSIDES to putting in the root directory?
If you aren't running a CMS/Wiki in your root already, then really none (unless you later decide you want install a standalone Wiki/CMS in your root and bridge it to xenForo).
All 3 of my forums run in the root of their nginx container for their respective domain.


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I recently moved my forum into document root after running it in /forum since 2006! There was nothing in there except an index.php which redirected to /forum anyway