XF 2.2 Recommended method to have users reconfirm their email addresses?


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I would like to have my users confirm their email addresses again. I have a lot of users that are not internet/forum savvy and so they often don't realize they're using an email address they no longer use or it has a typo, etc.

I don't want to limit them from using the forum just because they never reconfirmed their email. If I set them all to "awaiting email confirmation (from edit)", would that work? Would they see a notice that tells them to reconfirm their email but not restrict their account?
There is no way to do that, and there is no addon I know of which can do this.

The problem is that you want to re-confirm the emails. There is no system in place which can check if an email was re-confirmed or not. How would you track if one re-confirmed it or not?

The only option you have is to change the user state but that would be limiting them as you would put all of them into the unregistered category.

Also what is the point of re-confirming, if there is no downside if I don't reconfirm?

Just put out a notice and ask them nicely to confirm their emails.
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