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Reckons Team Xbox Live Avatars [Deleted]


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batpool52! submitted a new resource:

Reckons Team Xbox Live Avatars - Get Xbox User Live Avatars for every member on your forum

Get Xbox Live Avatar for each and every profile. You'll get valid profile picture only if your username is same as Xbox Live username.

I :love: donations. Please start a private conversation with me to get my PayPal email id. For any other method, please let me know.

Feature Requests:
Please just post it in this thread and I'll add it whenever I find free time. :coffee:
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installed but it overrides my own avatar with another one.
i didn't fill in at my personal settings for xbox life, cause i don't have one and at exophase i only filled my steam.


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But i don't have a xbox live account so i didn't filled it in, so it's another guy his avatar.
Could it not be possible to add a setting at the user his contact page to deactivate it even when not filled in.