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Reckons Team Post Count Required For Thread [Deleted]


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batpool52! submitted a new resource:

Reckons Team Post Count Required For Thread - Minimum number of posts required to reply in a thread.

By using this add-on you can limit users from replying to a thread until they reach specific amount of message count. The message count required can be adjusted per thread.

There is only one permission, which allows the user to by pass any requirement made on the thread. If the user is staff, he will be able to adjust the number of posts.

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You mean allow limiting in forum and disallow in another forum?
I'm talking about requiring 10 posts throughout the forum, that allows posting without a requirement, for a specific forum for a person to create a Thread. To keep people from signing up just to promote something in a section that one of my forums offers and leaving. It would require them to make an effort by making a few posts throughout the forum in able to post the thread they desperately want to post.