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Reckons Team Multi-Moderations [Paid] [Deleted]


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batpool52! submitted a new resource:

Reckons Team Multi-Moderations - Controlling threads made easy for moderators.

This add-on will allow your staff to do pre-defined actions per thread making moderators make efficient use of their time when moderating and covering more areas where they should.

  • Allows you to set thread prefix
  • Change thread state to
    • Visible
    • Moderated
    • Deleted
  • Mark the thread as sticky
  • Add a...
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Not currently, but you could do something like add reply (or edit a existing post) to the thread then click on the raw post content button ( 2016-01-10 16_33_52-Reckons Team Multi-Moderations [Paid] _ XenForo Community.png ) then copy and paste the post content in post reply box you would get the same result.