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Reckons Team Content Spy [Paid] [Deleted]


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batpool52! submitted a new resource:

Reckons Team Content Spy - Spying on the latest content in a better way.

This add-on allows users to get access to the latest content such as new threads, new posts, new resources and new medias which can allow more activity. Users can choose to get the new contents from:
  1. Everyone (Default)
  2. Members the visitor follows
  3. Members who follow the visitor
Suggestions & Bug Fixes:
Any suggestions or bug fixes would need to be reported either on my forum or XenForo....
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Yes, or at least for Admins Only.

UPDATE: In re-reviewing what this add-on does, I now see I was mistaken in it's capabilities. I thought the add-on revealed exactly where each 'live' user was on the website, at any given time. However, instead it appears this add-on creates a partial list of the 'newest/latest' things done (i.e New Post, etc.), which is good info just not what I'm looking for. :(

The MOD we utilized on vB showed 'live' activity (i.e. Viewing Index, Posting PM, Replying to Thread XYZ, Uploading Avatar, etc.) Sorry, I mis-read more into the Title of 'SPY' than what it's capable of. :confused:
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