Recent Posts - seems wrong way around to me.


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When I use this on XF forums, including my own it doesn't actually show me recent posts.

It shows me threads that have had a recent reply (post). I click on the thread or hoover over it & I get the original post. I'll likely already have seen that if an active members. I have to click the time posted link under the last posters name.

What I have on my old platform & would to enable on my XF is for the last post to appear instead (as THATS the recent one) & mouse over reveal the contents for review.

If this possible or does it need to be a suggestion?


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Clicking on the thread title in the New Posts listing should do the same thing that clicking on the title for any post does: take you to the first unread post in the thread. If it's taking you to the first post in the thread, then either the system doesn't think you've read any posts in the thread, or it thinks you've read all of them.

What you want it to do isn't possible in the existing system, but what you're experiencing with it also doesn't seem to be right...