Recent Member's Activities are visible to guests, user-profiles for registered members only


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I have 2 different XF-websites and at both websites set the user-profiles to be only visible by registered members only.

But it is quite strange:
at one website, the "Recent Member's Activities" are not visible to guests, but at the other websit the "Recent Member's Activities" are visible to guests.

I have rebuild the cache, but the "Ecent Activities" are still visible to guests.

What am I doing wrong ?


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Presumably you mean you have set it as the default for new members?

Registered members are able to change it themselves in their account settings.


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I have set "restricted view" of member-profiles" just now in ACP for 2 different websites.

At one websites the "Recent Activities" disappeared to be shown to guests, at th other website the "Recent Activites" are still visible to guests.

So I am wondering what is normal or correct ?
Are "Recent Activities" usually shown to "guests" when I set "View Member Profiles" in ACP to "Never" ?