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Would anyone be interested in developing this for us? Ideally we'd like a widget that can do both a thumbnail slider, and a grid view. Xenporta v1 had this feature built in to it but no such luck for XenForo 2.

This is an interesting challenge :)

Already discovered quite a few bugs/pain points when playing with this.
The great EAS2 has this widget.


Unfortunately this powerful addon can't be purchased anymore.
This is starting to shape up :)


The performance isn't that great (I have to think about how to reduce Entity overhead), but IMHO acceptable - queries take ~10ms on a DB with ~580K attachments.

What features would you need/want?
Should anything be displayed except the attachment itself?
Should the link be configurable (curenlty it's hardcoded as a link to the content hosting the attachment)?
I am not sure. I just wanted to share an idea what might be neat to have as an idea. But not sure how needed that would be, it was just an idea. Maybe as a standalone widget, maybe integrated to other stuff, don't know.
Thats's great news as it means I don't have to publish my already finished work.

I am not going to use it (we don't have a need for such a widget). but it was fun developing it :)
Funny enough Kirby's solution might be the only reliable one if he shares it with us. au lait's one is bugged as I found out some minutes ago.
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