XF 1.5 Rebuilds cause site to go down for 30 seconds

Anytime I run any sort of intensive rebuild (index, media counts, even importing a new add-on), it runs for about 10 seconds and then the site completely goes down for about 30 seconds and then comes back up. I can then resume the rebuild, and experience the same issue.

I searched a bit but couldn't find an answer - is this a limitation of the web server?


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It certainly sounds like something related to server resources.

What are the exact symptoms when the site 'goes down'?
A blank screen or something else?
Any error message displayed?

It may be worth getting your sysadmin or host to check the server error log and monitor the server during a rebuild process to determine what's happening.
This is the only message it displays (in Chrome):


Both the admin panel and the entire site goes down for about 30 seconds.

Is there any workaround to introduce a delay between pages? I know you can do this for re-indexing, but not for the other rebuilds.


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That would definitely point to a server level issue - you will likely want to get your host to take a look and resolve it.