Rebuilding Cache ?


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I have had about 1000 threads created by spam-bots on my forum.
In order to manually delete all of those threads, I just deleted the Forum-node which contained all those many threads.

So now I thought to use "ACP > Tools > Cache" to rebuild my Forum and clear everything, but when doing so, it shows that my Forum is "rebuilding" about 14000 threads. :eek:

So are those 1000 threads (which I actually deleted by deleting the Forum-Node) still existing in the database ?

Where are the 14000 threads coming from ? Especially that my Forum is empty and does not contain 1 single thread.... ?

What is happening when "Rebuilding Cache" ?

Appreciate your help!



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Is there a chance to display all those threads again at the user-interface and delete them manually?
Without going into the database ?

Jeremy P

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Not really that I can think of. You could try creating a new node with the same ID as the one you deleted (which would require a tiny bit of manual database manipulation), then rebuild your forums. Then they'd show up.

There's probably a guide for that somewhere.
Then you'd still have to delete them all manually though, it'd probably be a little easier just to remove them by querying the database, which there is also probably a guide for.

Will try a search and let you know if I find anything.


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My Forum-node containing the 14000 threads was the "default" Forum-node which shows when you install XenForo.
So I had an empty Forum, but then the spam-bots hit it........

Jeremy P

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You could create a new node, figure out it's ID, and run:
UPDATE xf_thread SET node_id = newIdHere WHERE node_id = oldIdHere;
Might have to rebuild forums after, but that should get the threads to show in the interface.

EDIT: Could not find a way to delete the posts/threads manually, so the above looks like your best bet.