XF 2.0 Rebuild templates hourly


I have an external python function that write hourly directly on xf_template_modification table.
How can I created an entry on Xenforo Cron and rebuild the templates hourly too? Is not important
the contemporaneity of the events.

What changes are you making to the templates which require them to be rebuilt every hour?

There may be an alternative approach to what you are doing.
Thanks for your reply.

I have the header of my site that changes every hour.
I want to subs this header from my site to my xenforo, and I did this via python and a query to the template modification.
After this, I need to rebuild my modifications. I did this for many years on xenforo 1, but I'm not able to replace the cron rebuild on xenforo2.
What do you thinking about this?

Thanks a lot.
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