Readserver problem.


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I’ve been getting an advertisement when clicking several places at my forum. I have no idea why.

Dlvr dot readserver dot net is the link.

I know at least two other users are getting them.

Anyone else having this problem or any idea how to tackle it?


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Honestly, I don’t really know what proxy is. Could you elaborate a little on that?

After reading Wikipedia about Proxy I know have no idea if I am using one.

Liam W

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If you don't know you're using a proxy, then it's likely you're not.

Also, it sounds like a piece of adware to me.

Go through your browser extensions, as well as add or remove programs in Windows, and remove anything you didn't install or looks suspicious, then reboot.



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Thanks for the advice. I don’t know if I understand correctly, but wouldn’t this only affect me and not other users?