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CyberAP submitted a new resource:

Readactor - Stylish design replacement for Redactor

Delicious neutral skin for XenForo enhanced text editor — Redactor.

Take a look at gorgeous Redactor appearance now.

But that's not all! It has some pretty cool features:

  • Readactor is fully customizable. You can edit style properties as usual or take a deep dive into template editing.
  • It can be turned on and off on any specific style via style properties!
  • Works with any style. If not, well..., just...
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Well, it's weird, add-on is installed, I can see the options in styling properties and is well enabled ; but for some reason, nothing is changed when I look at the editor.

Tried to install 2 times. Any ideas ?

EDIT: Also, I see no modifications in TM.
EDIT2 : Ah, I remember the XML format has changed or something at some point.
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To work with 1.2 Beta 4, the XML needs updating for the Template Modification.

    <modification template="editor_ui.css" modification_key="readactor_css" description="" execution_order="10" enabled="1" action="str_replace">
      <find><![CDATA[.redactor_dropareabox.drop {
    background: #f4f4ee;
    border-color: #e0e5d6;
      <replace><![CDATA[.redactor_dropareabox.drop {
    background: #f4f4ee;
    border-color: #e0e5d6;

<xen:include template="readactor.css" />]]></replace>
    <modification template="editor_contents.css" modification_key="readactor_editor_contents.css" description="" execution_order="11" enabled="1" action="str_replace">
      <replace><![CDATA[<xen:include template="readactor_editor_contents.css" />
Wow finally!
This one finally make sense on my 1.2 beta5..

Only 1 thing tho, any idea why every time I write/enter/anything in the form I see a scroll at the bottom? like I scroll that usually have for a long long line
And when you disable Readactor the scrollbar disappears?
In fact I think there is some thing to do with the RTL (Right To Left), I switched to English and Readactor works perfectly, no scrolls or 3-time click to get it marked.

You think you can launch a small fix for the RTL users? :) that's quite a lot of languages.