XF 1.5 Read Only Permissions

Matt E.

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I want to create two special user categories for my site (the same permissions, just one is voluntary and one involuntary) that restrict those having them to a read only mode for the entire site. They will be able to see everything a registered user can see, but they just can't create or edit any posts, threads, gallery posts, etc. They will still be able to send and receive private messages though.

My site currently has the four standard user categories, but the permissions system is a bit complicated and I'm worried that I might accidentally change things for the other categories. Can someone advise me how to set something like this up?

Tentative category hierarchy:

Administrator (standard)
Moderator (standard)
Registered (standard)
Restricted (NEW): Can read the entire site and send private messages, but cannot post, edit, etc. Voluntary.
Kicked (NEW): The same as restricted, but assigned as punishment.
Unregistered/Unconfirmed Guest (standard)


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