XF 1.5 Read more or Continue reading


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Some media sites are using some overlay that fades from transparent to background color with a button saying "Continue reading" or "Read more".
I thinks the idea is to have sorter and faster pages. This could be a suggestion to get faster pages with long threads in our boards.
I haven't checked how it's done, but my concern is the impact this could have with google crawler.

Here is an example:

Captura de ecrã 2017-05-13, às 16.34.42.png


How difficult is to implement this in xf?

Mr Lucky

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The text following the read more is still there in the source code, so it is still loaded on the page, but just hidden so I don't think this would improve performance, probably the opposite what with the fancy script to make the text fade.

The point of this is rather to not have huge swathes of text on a page, ie you have excerpts so the user can choose to read or go straight to the clickbait they can see lower down. A whole page of reading might put some people off.


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Yes, but is this a bad ideia for forums?
If the article/thread has text and images it can give us some performance benefits too.