Add-on "Read More" funcionality to improve the page navigation = Lower Rejection


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I see this as an improvement to navigation since it makes the reader more curious about what's next.

I have seen this working nicely on XDA Forums and thought it would be a cool subject for an addon here in xenforo.

I will use the this thread as an example but you can see it everywhere when there is a pagination.

If you theck the last post, you will see that there is a "Read more" button after blurring the last post of the page.. So if you wanna read that post, you will be obligated to click there or change the page. And then you will see a next page with the full content of that post.

Some notes that I realized:
  • The last post of each page is in fact the first post of the enxt page. if you get the link of the last, you can see that it points to page #4 and not page #3, like all other posts of that page.
  • It shows like 3 lines of content so if the post has only 1 or 2 lines it wont make much sense but anyway, its stil cool.