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Welcome to the third in our "Have you seen...?" series for XF 2.1. We've had a phenomenal, er, reaction, to what we've shown so far. In case you haven't seen our previous two entries, you can check them out here.

As ever, to ensure you're kept up to date, we strongly recommend giving that "Watch forum" link a poke here and enabling email notifications if you haven't done so already 🙂

Today we're going to show you something that we have been talking about doing internally for quite some time - content reactions. This concept has been popular with XF users for a long time and has spawned some popular add-ons. We have quite possibly been talking about doing it since long before it was popularised by Facebook so, finally, here we are 🙂

Let's first look at how Reactions are set up in the Admin CP:


As you can see, we've not exactly gone overboard in terms of the reactions we're shipping by default, but this felt like a sensible selection. We've added a concept of being able to assign either "Positive", "Negative" or "Neutral" to each reaction and although some of the default reactions have negative connotations, we decided not to assign any of them as "Negative" by default.

But, let's look at adding a new negative "Dislike" reaction:


The process here should be fairly familiar if you have ever added new smilies as it uses a very similar approach for referencing the image/sprite. For your convenience we have included a "Dislike" icon in the sprite sheet should you wish to add it yourselves.

Most of this is self explanatory, but you will see we can also specify a "Text color". You'll see this in action... now!


The behaviour of the "Like" button isn't significantly different. You can still just click/tap the button to give a like (or remove the selected reaction) but to access other reactions you can hover over the link (or tap and hold on touch devices) and a tooltip will be displayed with your active reactions.

The "Text color" value we mentioned before is applied here to indicate your selected reaction. It is also displayed in the alert templates for reactions:

Screenshot 2018-10-15 at 18.45.54.webp

We have also redesigned the reaction summary:

Screenshot 2018-10-15 at 18.58.33.webp

And the reaction overlay with a new tabbed design:

Screenshot 2018-10-15 at 19.02.20.webp

And, of course, Reactions are sent through push notifications (if not opted-out):

live.browserstack.com_dashboard (3).webp

We also show a summary of the most popular reactions (up to 3) on the thread list:


Finally, you'll notice that the primary statistic listed on member list items, member tooltips and member statistics is no longer just a simple "like count" but instead we're now tracking an overall "Reaction score".

This metric is the total number of positive reactions minus the total number of negative reactions.

localhost_21x_index.php_members_&key=highest_reaction_score (1).webp

Most of this is self explanatory so we're probably ok to leave it there without going into too much detail.

Still quite a bit more to go, so we'll see you again later this week for more 🙂

Developers: you may be wondering about a few technical details. We have a special HYS for you guys in a couple of weeks focusing on a bit more detail for some miscellaneous power user/developer changes, so stay tuned for that!
I see that you can view your own history of reactions received, but is there a way to view it for other users?
There is no way to view that for others currently. A suggestion has been posted before for it which has received huge support.

Is it possible to define which forum categories each reaction can be used in? I.e. I want to only have a '+1' and '-1' reaction in my Suggestions forum.
We have a JoyPixels 5.x license.
Is there any possibility (if your license covers it) of you including more emojis for use in reactions in a future update? If I'm understanding the Joypixels free licence correctly, many sites wouldn't be able to just download and use the additional ones they use because their sites display ads and/or they gain revenue through user upgrades.

Examples of Personal Use:

* A free app or website with no upsells, ads, or indirect revenue

Unless of course we're allowed to download and add these ourselves because your license covers us doing so?
Hello I wanted to know if it was possible to disable the basic reactions if the added addon [TH] Reactions? And how to disable them?
Hello I wanted to know if it was possible to disable the basic reactions if the added addon [TH] Reactions? And how to disable them?
I believe there are individual on-off switches for reactions in the Admin control panel.


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If you require support, you will need to associate your forum user name with your customer account and post in the correct support forum.
I have tried to enable the reactions to the guests but it doesn't work.
So a good implementation would be to let choose the admin inside the panel of each reaction, what usergroup can use that reaction.
In this way is it possile to let opened only the "like" for example for the guests that visiting the pages, so that them can contribute to let other reaction the posts. This will increment more the number of likes of the posts and this is only a great thing for a forum. :)
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Have apple released a new update recently? People are complaining that they can't just hit like and one tap openes up the reactions
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