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Hi all, I have searched high and low for info on this and there is many schools of thoughts.

Now I am trying to reuse attachment by dropping in the bb code like this -

This works but it does not give you a preview / thumb and or light box.

Is there a way to re use an attachment and get the preview and light box functionality or is this not possible?

Sorry like this -


Basically we run a photo comp each month people submit photos in one thread as attachments and then moderators vote.

In order for the mods to vote in Vbulletin we could just grab the attachment id's of all the images and then put them in a new post in the moderator private forum and then we could open in the light box with vbulletin and preview them in our private mod area.

In Xenforo if I insert the above code I get a link, which you click on and it opens a new window showing you the attachment.

Pretty annoying if you have 50 photos to sort through and gets messy fast.

Whilst this is fine and at least achievable as you can re use the tag I am wondering instead of just the link if it possible to get the preview and lightbox function you normally would get when inserting images as attachments?
Hmm bummer so no way to re use attachments and have thumbnails in Xenforo!!!!

Why would they block the ability based on permissions?

Most attachments are public view anyway so should be able to be used site wide vs per thread?

Or am I missing something?
If you scroll right to the bottom it states if an image is inserted via BB CODE it will be inserted as a thumbnail?

Is the default manual therefore wrong?
What it actually states is:

If the attachment is an image, a thumbnail or full size version will be inserted. This will generally be inserted by clicking the appropriate button.

Thumbnail: [ATTACH]123[/ATTACH]
Full Size: [ATTACH=full]123[/ATTACH]
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