Add-on Ratings for XenKing Directory


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I and a couple other posters would donate for the ability to rate business listings in XenKing Directory. tenants approves.

"...if you can make a plug-in to extend xenKingDir, it won't be an issue ... I approve ;)
I will be taking this plug-in further, but I don't disprove of others adding to it (as long as it's done as a separate plug-in so I can continue updating xenKingDir)"
Can we get this taken care of for Rating companies by end of next week? I am willing to pay you and hopefully others can donate too.
I'm willing to part with a £40 contribution if the rating/scoring feature is implemented. Just saying!
I see you are working on a rating system. Have you considered the above configuration and thought about the ability to rate the products as well as the business?
Thank you for the answers.
"...It would be nice if this addon would have rating functionality and if business owners would be able to claim listings."
rating functionality would be good (I'll get back to this add-on, but the anti-spam / security is taking more priority right now)..."