Rating Stars - red and green

Rating Stars - red and green 2014-04-08

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drastic submitted a new resource:

Rating Stars - red and green - If your site uses a rating/vote system, these graphics could enhance your site.

These are simple rating/vote stars. They're similar to what you see on typical video sites.

The stars range from 1-5, and include the half vote stars too.

I've included a set of red stars and green stars, in their own folder.

This resource contains the images only.

No coding, support, upgrades, or updates will be provided. You'll have to code them in yourself.

Figured some people here might like them, so enjoy!

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I didn't make them...my old designer did. He's contracted for some company now, so I couldn't even get them if I wanted them. Just figured I'd share them here for the heck of it.
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