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Brett Peters

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I do like the suggestion but I am wondering if when giving such a low rating if XF should spit out a alert/warning of some sort before allowing such a low rating.


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"One man's junk is another man's treasure". What one person doesn't find useful, another person might find very useful. That definitely shouldn't reflect the actual quality of the work.

At the same time, I find these ratings completely useless. I don't look at ratings to determine whether or not I'm going to use an addon. I look at what it does for me and how well it does it. The only way to really find that out is to try it myself. As for Shelley's suggestion, I think the idea is going in the right direction, but I don't think I'd personally take the time to rate a product on various different levels. I either like it or I don't. And trust me, when shopping online, I've purchased a product that had all the stars in the bloody universe and when I received it I was greatly disappointed. It's just not an accurate way of measuring it's quality.


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We could always only be able to rate if say we've downloaded it or are currently watching the resource. I know the random ratings could still happen but it might crack down on them. Might not make much sense for graphics and styles though :(


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If it were me (and had the time), I'd be running a query to see who's voting all of these 1's. I've seen way too many 1's myself and think there are a few people just being jackasses. Hopefully there's enough legit votes to help balance things out. RARELY would I rate something a 1 myself, it'd have to be the worst pile of dung ever really. The problem is as already stated, ratings in general. People have NO CLUE how to rate something.

Read some Amazon reviews on any product. They'll rate it a 1 because it arrived late, which has nothing to do with the product. Or they had a problem with the seller, so they rate the product (not the seller) poorly, etc. Not much you can really do about idiocy, if we could, there'd be a lot fewer people on the planet.

Ohh and... I like Shelly's idea, it's what was basically done with a vB mod (that really rocks BTW), example: http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/f4/thread-ratings-v1-0-2-released-56

Look at the upper right corner of the thread. Anyway, it's really nice and for a ratings system is perfect IMO. Maybe more than xF needs overall, but still pretty nice. =)


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That would be great but it's kind of useless when you have haters. I expect to get 1 stars across the board no matter what I upload. Before I created my own site I used to moderate on an indian site as a favor for this chick I used to talk to who is an administrator there. He asked me to invite people there to his site and after I did, he created a separate section for us. One day he deleted all of the people's I invited threads and that whole section. I asked him why and he said that he wanted to get everyone over to his side of the site.

Needless to say it backfired, I left and created my own site and the peeps I invited followed. A little bird told me that he's been rating my threads 1 star on vbulletin and asking developers not to help me for a long time. When we both switched to xenforo, he started doing the same thing over here and has even recently rated the skins I entered into the resource manager 1 star. It almost makes me not want to bother with the resource manager cause I know I'm going to get 1 stars with his multiple accounts anyway.

I kind of saw this coming so I'm going to release all my future modifications and skins on Qapla so I don't have to worry about it. If the Resource Manager let you see who rated stuff then you could ask them what was wrong with what you uploaded. A lot of people aren't always going to just leave feedback like that. They rate, then keep it moving, and you won't even know what needed fixing.


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Well, there is a highly rated add-on in the Resource Manager that caught your interest. You download it, install it, play with it and eventually encounter problems and are in need for support. You ask for support in the discussion thread of the add-on, wait a day, wait two days, see the developer posting and liking in other threads, but not in his add-on thread. Seems familiar to you? Unfortunately even paid add-ons are not an exception to this scenario.

My point is, for some people even the best 5-stars add-on there is may not usable for them if there is no support. To give people an idea about how well an add-on is supported by its developer, I suggest a separete ratings option for support to be added to the Resource Manager. This should get really interesting and may encourage developers to better support their add-ons :p

Well, what do you think?

John L.

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Something I would like to see added to the Resource Manager is a rating categories system. Essentially you have 1 rating you can give to a resource. This works as an overall rating, but what if your product is much more complex than that? Even for our addons here on XenForo it would be great to rate multiple attributes for the resource like "Technical Support" and "Ease of Use", etc.

This would probably be a big change, but figured I would through it on out there.


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I read in another thread about ratings and a developer saying that he was rated 1 star because the person didn't find the add-on useful discounting the quality of the add-on. Perhaps an extended criteria rating (Below) except it would accommodate resources.

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+1 would be really helpful if admin could specify rating categories in addition to the overall ratings for a resource

John L.

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Is there any chance of this happening or will developers have to extend this functionality? Would be awesome if it's in the core.