Rare site access issue with cellular networks only


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I've had this problem reported to me by a small portion of users over the last year or so where if they leave WiFi, they're unable to access my site at all unless they rejoin some WiFi network. Users receive an error that my site unexpectantly closed the connection. It happens on any browser, on Android and iPhone, on 4g or 5g. These users are able to access any other site ok when this occurs, just not my own. Doesn't seem to be related to a particular provider or even a certain country. They are also able to access my site on a desktop at the same time just fine.

Personally I've never had this issue and I have no idea how to troubleshoot this at all. For Android users I've asked them to override their DNS to a generic cloudflare one to no avail. Even if it did happen to me, mobile browsers don't exactly have good troubleshooting interfaces for doing network tracing and such.

My hosting is a Digital Ocean VPS in NY.

Throwing this out there to see if anyone has suggestions on how I could approach this problem?
I had pretty much the identical issue when I set up a new XenForo forum last September.

What I eventually found, was that my ipv6 setting was mis-programmed, and I had substituted an "O" for a "0" in the ipv6 ip address. This caused many mobular phone users to have problems, as mobular networks worldwide often use ipv6 addresses, but desktop/LAN/WiFi users often come in on ipv4 network protocols.

Changing the ipv6 setup to the correct address solved the issue for me.

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They are not on your CSF blocked list?
  • csf -tf
  • csf -df
I forgot about CSF and its auto-blocking features. I've cleared the block list and if a user reports the issue again I'll try to have them message me their IP address at the time to see if this was the issue. Thanks.
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