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Rank Page (request)


I'm wondering if any experienced coder could work on this:

A simple rank page....

This would create another page in xenforo

And it rank members from 1 to whatever....

based on their post count in the forums, and give the admin the ability to plus or minus the members score...

They get one point per post in the forums, and the admin can add or subtract additional points.


Rank: Member: Points
1. Kyle 100
2. Matt 87
3. Lewis 50

Allow alittle extra setting would be... To allow the Admin to permanently set a members rank regardless of there score.



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Are you familiar with the trophy system on xenForo forums?
Basically, you want members to be listed in order from who has the most trophy points to who has the least?
no sir :)

I run a clan site, and my members focus only on posting and not the requirements for the trophy points.

I'm just looking for something simple....

That would list the members in order from highest points to the least, the points should be based off forum posting, and give me the ability to add or subtract points when members attend gaming nights or clan meetings.

I'm open to suggestions though