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ragtek Stop Search Caching

Digital Doctor

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Here's a bit of a description of this addon:

(in response to this post)
This is a code modification that will disable search caching. In other words, every time you submit a search it will perform a brand new search and not look at previous results. This has potential to increase server load on busy forums, but it will ensure that search results are always current.

Note that the cache will still be employed if you link directly to the search results. You need to submit a new search if you want fresh results. You can use a URL to submit a new search if you want. Use this format:


Certainly could be useful for some forums.


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Our Forums are searched heavily and I really need a way for just 'some' people to be able to do a non cached search.

Is there a way to just enable 'no' caching if a user just uses the regular search, but IF you know the 'special' URL then all queries would be fresh? OR just make it so only the non-cached search works for a particular Usergroup?

I need a way to get fresh results based on a user group... particularly our sponsors. Maybe even a way for the output to be in RSS format, then they could use a RSS Reader to see.

What we have setup on our VB Forums is vendors are emailed a daily digest of keywords they are tracking, this 'Add On' might be a bit deep to do, but something like this with a unique URL or Results spit out in RSS would be cool. I can donate.



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Guys I see that the Cache is only for 1 hour, which I feel is acceptable for a 'sponsor' to make requests. I think it would be cool to get a search query outputted into a XML RSS Feed. I'll put that in the Add on Request forum and see where that goes.