XF 1.5 Radio-Player above forum page / doesnt reload with page change.


So currently I've been asked by my community members for some sort of a radio player. I thought it would be a great idea so I decided to go on this task. I gathered an audio stream, threw it into a audio source (as a test) and put my forum into an iframe so it would let the player be persistent. Obviously this is bad practice now-a-days so I'm curious if there are any other methods are there better then that. I know there are however all those websites like Radio.com/Spotify/etc I believe use AJAX on everything to load the page instead of using iframes like I am. Sadly because I'm using an iframe, copying page URL's among other things dont become possible anymore while having the player (as its a different web page).

If anyone has any suggestions/help/tutorial that can do such a thing like Soundcloud/Radio.com/IHeartRadio/etc please let me know! I really like this idea but I can understand why it may not be possible due to how XF has been made.

Irregardless any discussion on it would be great, thanks in advance!
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