Radio Caroline is broadcasting live from their pirate ship.


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Totally off topic, but if you want to listen to something different whilst posting on XenForo, how about this special Bank Holiday weekend broadcast from Radio Caroline, which has relocated from their land-based studios and returned to the last remaining pirate radio ship in the world!

They are broadcasting live from the M.V. Ross Revenge, which is currently moored in Tilbury Docks, Essex, whilst it’s being refurbished as a pirate radio museum.

Radio Caroline started in 1964 as the UK’s first offshore pirate radio station, their first ship sank in 1980, they returned from a new ship in 1983, which was sadly shipwrecked in 1990, but survived, but can never return to international waters as it’s not seaworthy and is subject to movement restrictions put in place by the UK government.

Lots of the old offshore DJs, several friends of mine from my pirate radio days, have returned to ‘The Lady’ and are staying onboard over the weekend to make this special broadcast.

How to listen:

Worldwide – Online here

UK & Ireland – Sky channel 0199

North Kent & South Essex – 531 AM

Videos, including ones featuring the sinking of their first ship, the time they were raided illegally by officials from the Dutch & British governments and the final shipwreck are here: Radio Caroline videos - the REAL boat that rocked!


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Oh, thank you.
I listen it just online :D
Are you old enough to have listened during their real offshore days?

I first stumbled across them when I was about 13 or 14 listening via an earpiece to my little radio under the bed covers when I should have been asleep, tuning about I heard this station jingle/ID:

‘From a point in the sea to the circles in your mind this is the new Radio Caroline’

- it was a truly WTF moment.

It was another 2 or 3 tracks before a DJ spoke and mentioned they were broadcasting live from the North Sea, another WTF moment – from that day on I was hooked.

Their old ship, the Mi-Amigo, sunk overnight on my birthday, I remember drifting off to sleep with them saying how bad the weather was and waking-up in the morning to silence. :(