Quick Thread as a modular widget block


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We are getting more and more users asking how to post a message in our forum, which is strange for those of us who have used forums for years, but I think this is a sign that more people are coming from social media, where the "create post" box is front and center on their "home" or "wall" up top. When they open their app they can immediately post a new message, or when they enter a FB group, the first thing they see is the post box. The traditional UX of a forum is not intuitive to them. To address this, it would be really nice to be able to create a "Quick Thread" block widget that can be placed at the top of the content on various pages, like the Forum List and the home page of the site. Maybe give the admin the ability to hide the current implementation of the Quick Thread in the Forum View if they choose to add the block on that page.

One of the fears of doing this is duplicate threads - more people posting without checking if a similar thread exists. In that case the admin could implement one of the Similar Threads add-ons to use to help counter that.
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