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Quick Login in Side Bar (version 1.2.0) - Replace the Sign In Button with Quick Login in Side Bar

This is a very simple add-on to replace the "Sign In" button with "Quick Login" in side bar.

You need to have TMS installed; just download and upload contents of the "upload" older and import the xml file in ACP to install this add-on.

This is what happens:

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Interesting, and good thinking. I like the button too. If the user pressed the button and your quick login revealed (js or css?) then that would be a win in my book :)

Gopala Subramanium

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Sorry, about that. Sometimes the mail is identified as a SPAM and rests in the SPAM folder...anyways, I've manually confirmed your registration. Welcome to FixMyStuff.In, hope you enjoy there. Thanks,


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So does this help increase user signups? I'm curious if anyone has tested it yet and what the percentage increase in new members has been?


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Wonderful. I only miss a hint how i can get rid of the normal login form, maybe you have an idea?
To have a checkbox inside your add-on to do this with a click would be perfect.
And maybe there could be another choice to have the login form more up, so it can be there on every page, not only the ones where we have place at the left or right.


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Can anyone confirm if this is working with the UI.X framework? Ive installed it but have not seen any changes as of yet.