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Questions for moderators

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by valdet, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. valdet

    valdet Active Member

    It's probably posted somewhere but due to lack of time to search I would like to read impressions of two moderators Peggy and Lawrence about what they think about moderating xenforo.

    I expect it is much easier than vB, and if you're allowed to discuss features in public, what are the things you like the most. Is there efficient anti-spam tools for mods, is modcp overwhelming or pretty easy to deal with..

    Any chance of teaser screenshots :D

    Probably this thread will sound a bit weird, but I'd love it if you can share soem info.

  2. James

    James Well-Known Member

    They're not allowed to share features (AFAIK) but I can share that there's no modcp and it's all inline which is great.
  3. Lawrence

    Lawrence Well-Known Member

    There is no ModCP, and none is required. :)

    The way Mike and Kier implemented moderators functions, your site mods will spend less time moderating and more time being an active part of your community.

    In a SS Kier posted on this site, it showed a link to the Reported Items. How they implemented that and the options available is the coolest thing I have seen here. You and your moderators will love it.
  4. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Yep, all moderating is done inline. The tools are very easy to find, and easy to use.

    This will be the subject of a "Have You Seen..." post by Kier, hopefully in the near future.
  5. Onimua

    Onimua Well-Known Member

    Maybe sooner than later considering how this keeps coming up. :p
  6. valdet

    valdet Active Member

    Thank you both. Now you got me even more excited.
  7. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Mission: Accomplished. [​IMG]
  8. valdet

    valdet Active Member


    Dubya agrees with you Peggy... :)
  9. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    oh gawd get that off there. ugh
  10. Been Told

    Been Told Well-Known Member

    <sarcasm>OMG you don't like Dubya? You are so anti-American!!!</sarcasm>
  11. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Actually I did like him during his first term, and voted for him both times. He really REALLY dropped the ball second term.
  12. Princeton

    Princeton Well-Known Member

    that's great news!

    make tasks easier for the staff - and the more productive they become

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