Questions about warnings and attachment system



I have two fast and easy questions:
1) Can I upload multiple attachments at the same time?
2) Is there something like a warning system?

Thanks for helping me in my choice to Xenforo.
Thanks for your answers. I'm a member of many Xenforo forums and had to deal with it since many months but after reading the FAQ on

I got curious if it was only achieved by addons or if it's just an outdated FAQ. I will try the demo too and see if I missed something.

About the flash uploader: What does it require on server side to work?
I receive an error along the lines of "there was an error uploading the file". As I'm in Linux 99.9% of the time, I leave the flash uploader off on my site.
I know that there aren't any Mybb importers for Xenforo. I can't go the way like Mybb > vBulletin > Xenforo but I can go Mybb > phpbb > Xenforo. Can someone who did the phpbb-way tell me what was wrong in the end (which type of posts were incorrectly converted, which settings are missing, etc.)?
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