MG 2.2 Question to file size


I am rather new to Xenforo, which is really the only and best solution (after hard life with other products and photopost...).

We provide a place mainly for photography and historic photography in Austria. Most of our users complained, that they could not upload photos any more. Some of them have high resolution DLSR, most of the others use high end mobile phones. These people share a lot of knowledge what they capture, but have no idea about pixels, file size and so on.

Reading and studying the forum here the whole afternoon, I decided to increase the upload-file-size in PHP8.ini from 2MB to 30MB and restarted the server.

Now I uploaded just a simple photo from my desk here via an elder mobile phone:

When I scroll down, on the right side file size (here named 'Dateigröße') -> 2,4 MB and size (here named 'Abmessungen 4032px x 1960px').

I do not understand this? I allow for media gallery only 2000 x 2000 px.

My question is:

  • Has Xenforo media gallery compressed this picture to 2000 x 2000?
  • What size does the media gallery now deliver to the readers?
  • Do I have to store the original file with 2,4 MB on my server or was the rest hopefully dumped?
  • Is the information on the right side 'Picture-Metadata' only information on the original EXIF-Data in the original camera or is this the space used on my server?

I could not find clear messages here, so I would be happy someone could help.

Kindest regards



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That is the metadata from the original image file.

If you check what is in the gallery, it is:


So yes, XF has capped it at 2000px, preserving the original ratio.