Question regarding amount of licenses & buying more


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I currently have one XF license, but I am wanting to buy a second.

On the information regarding the buying of multiple and/or additional licenses, it says having two licenses costs the same as buying one.

So is it possible to have that second license without paying again, or for that the second one are you required to buy it at the same time to get the discount?

Am I misunderstanding the table? I think it might actually be 1 or 2 licenses cost 140, but just wanna check either way!

Cheeky question I know :p


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You can buy them at any time - the discount is applied automatically.

First license cost = $140
Second license cost = $140
Third license cost = $130
Awesome, I'll keep that in mind.

Also, do I have to buy the licences all at once? For what my business partner and I have in mind, we wouldn't be buying all of them right away (separate from what I'm doing now)...