XF 2.2 Question re: routing and using spaces in the route format variable


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I have a route with the following Route Format:

albums/:str<query>/: page

Now, this route works great when I use queries that have no spaces in them (note: I've added a space between : and p to avoid displaying a smiley lol)

But when I do use spaces, I get hit with an error (even when I urlencode the string properly, so for example "star wars" becomes "star+wars")

The requested page could not be found. (Code: invalid_action, controller: TestCon:AlbumSearch, action: SearchAlbumsstarWars)

So for some reason my controller thinks that "star+wars" is part of the action method (which it obviously isn't). Is Xenforo unable to handle spaces (or other characters) in the Route Format field for some reason?

I'd love for my route to look like this for example: /search/albums/star+wars/page-2 (instead of relying on params like /search/albums/&q=star+wars&page=2 )

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