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Question on Migration

Discussion in 'Installation, Upgrade, and Import Support' started by IcEWoLF, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. IcEWoLF

    IcEWoLF Well-Known Member

    Hi guys I have few questions regarding migration from vB4.x to XenForo.

    Should I select the actual URL when running the install the first time instead of using the subdomain URL?

    Or should I just run the XF install then later change the board url in the admin settings?

    Is there anything else I need to do/know for the URL's besides using the right redirect url's vB to XF?
  2. IcEWoLF

    IcEWoLF Well-Known Member

    I think I know what to do.

    1. Point main domain to XF folder.
    2. Install XF on main domain.
    3. Install Converter and import data.
    4. Double check permissions and you are good to go?
  3. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    - You installed testing site and then deleted it after some testing.
    - You deleted the PHP (xF Test) file from server.

    Moving on, and going from there:
    - Create a new folder [inside the same root where vB4 resides]. Name it only you can remember it as.
    - Close [ahem, turn board off] current live site. (The vB4 one.)
    - Create a new php database. Install xenforo here.
    - Import the live vB4 site using whatever importer suits your needs (I used Paul M's converter).
    - Make some soft edits (ones that don't need a manual re-edit once it's live)
    - Check permissions and options you'd like turned on once live.

    Ready? Because right now, you're going to swap files.

    Remember what [root] filename you had for your current vB4. You're going to need this name.

    Okay, assuming you're ready to make vB4 disappear in thin air... rename the root where vB4 resides. Name this file ONLY you know.

    Move your new xenForo (the one you just created and imported) to the same path as where vB4 used to reside (I'm assuming this is public html).

    Now, once you know you put it in the right place, rename that file that you just moved that xF to whatever you had for your vB4. The xF instance should be live on your site pronto.

    If it looks wierd, just log in, and change the Board URL to where the xF sits now.

    Once you're done, you can put your old vB4 file whereever you want (for your reference, like which hack you had, what permissions you had before, etc). Or just delete it. Your choice. I would save it for a bit so that I can move all the logos or custom rank images over to the new XF. Unless you're creating new ranks, and whatnot for the new xF.

    From here, you're free to make all the edits in the world. From new skin, to new images, to whaever else is it that you need to do on the live site.
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  4. IcEWoLF

    IcEWoLF Well-Known Member

    Yeah, been playing around with XF for few months on a sub domain test site and imported my site over and over and everything seemed to work smoothly, besides needing about half an hour to set all the users permissions.

    Thanks for the info!
  5. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    I would delete that test site both on file, and PHP, because your current live site could have had more posts since the testing...
    Ya welcome! :)
  6. IcEWoLF

    IcEWoLF Well-Known Member

    @Carlos, do I have to create the XenForo folder in the same folder as vB?

    What I was thinking is to do the following:
    Create a new folder. Change the domain to point to the new folder.

    Edit: dumb question, results are the same :)
  7. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    Its the same result, yes, but it's easier to use the same filename as the one you were using for vB. Mostly because your DNS sometimes takes 24 hours to propagate - remember that, always.

    Even if you're not changing nameservers, it's still the same thing. Because you're not only changing where the domain is pointing at - you're changing cache between browsers and DNS/Server. So, A) Your users have to clear their cache in order to see the new site. B) DNS/Server won't recognize the filename until "finalized." Remember: 24 hours.

    Your users will see the old site sometimes, from time to time based on what I just said.

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