Question on license selling


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I need to resell some licenses owned by me and i have 2 questions.

1) My license is expired. If i renew it, i can resell this license immediately?
2) I have one license bought by another member, and i have that we can't resell second hand licenses...i have 5 licenses, how can i recognize the second-hand license?

Thank you @Brogan.


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Ah, i'm a little surprised because i've read in the past that a user simply renewed and so reselled this license.

I thought that's possible to do that...


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It is, as I confirmed above.

As long as it is active and hasn't been transferred previously.


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Ah okay! I'm very worried about that. So i can today renew (a "old" first-hand license) and resell it today, i'm right? Sorry if i bother you, i ask because i already sold it. :)


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Thank you very much Brogan. :)
I have opened a ticket. Can you please see it? I have to transfer this license and promised that i would be transferred in this day... :/