Implemented  Question and answer verification for new user registration


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Question and answer verification for new user registration is talked about in this thread, but I couldn't find a suggestion thread specifically asking for it (and I looked really hard - you know, as hard as you can look in a forum with 50 pages of suggestion threads).

So here's a thread requesting it.

reCAPTCHA is cute and all, but it doesn't keep the trash out nearly as effectively as question/answer does.

If I'm late to the dance and there is already a thread specifically requesting this, then I suppose I've gone and ruined everything for everyone. That's why we can't have nice things around here.


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I check members one at a time many different ways before they get it. You would be amazed at what I find.


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I use this on my own forum. I've had maybe one successful spammer registration (and it was a real person doing it, so there wasn't much I could do to stop it), compared to the three to four daily I would get with ReCAPTCHA. Bot programmers have figured it out long ago.


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I'd really like to see this, where you can create your own questions/answers and have them randomly appear to the user while he's registering, meaning a question will be picked up to be shown to that user of a list of the questions you have setup.


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We use custom profile fields in the software we are now using. There is a default value in a box, and people registering need to read what is supposed to be typed in the box, then type it in. Works fantastic to keep the normal spammers.

So yes, this would be a great idea. Or at least a custom profile field.