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I am trying this tutorial: Creating a add-on to insert tabs in profile page (using hooks)

I got some questions:

1. Step 5 - The Code Event Listeners:
AdminCP>Development>Code Event Listeners, one field called 'Callback Execution Order':
what does this mean?
2. Step 6 - Our file Listener.php
$contents .= '<li><a href="{$requestPaths.requestUri}#ourTab">Our Tab</a></li>';
for '{$requestPaths.requestUri}', is this xenforo variable? where can I see all the variables that I can use in xenforo?
3. Step 14 - Lets use them!
where can I see the defination of these functions/methods?
4. Step 15 - Pre loading templates
why we need this step? it seems the codes still work even we do not have "template_create".


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