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I had a question about importing. I know how to import data from one software into a new board but i wanted to make sure of something.

A friend of mine recently decided to close his forum down(IPB) due to inactivity. I asked would it be interested in passing the site on to me for the data(members & post) and I wanted to migrate his site into mine.

I'm also planning to merge another friend's site(Xenforo based) Into my current Xenforo forum. We share a similar niche and decided to just work together under one site.

I wanted to ask

1. For my first friend, do I need to do anything special? I know both sites need to be on the same server and I need the login info for both for the importer to work. But am I able to merge his IPB data into my current xenforo forum without messing up my own existing data?

For instance, If I am user 4 on my board and he is user 4 on his ipboard how would he convert over?

2. For Friend 2, does the new Xenforo 1.2 importer work the same way as the other forum software importers do? I don't need to do anything special for this at all do I?

I hope it makes enough sense what i'm asking(it does in my head lol).
Thanks a bunch.


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1. Yes, it will just import the IPB content into your database.

2. No, it's just a regular importer like the others.

Just run each import one after the other, dealing with duplicate user names and email addresses as necessary.


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I'm going to attempt to this merge of our two sites later tonight but i wanted to make sure that when i Merge the two xenforo sites together that my members existing passwords will continue to still work and his members(the ones importing in our site) will also still be able to use their passwords. I just want to make sure it won't screw with passwords or anything.