XF 1.2 Question about http codes after two months live...

New to this so please forgive my noobness. How do I know if the following codes are problems or things that need addressing or are they just standard codes that occur for various reasons? Copied and pasted from awstats.

HTTP Status codes
HTTP Status codes*HitsPercentBandwidth
301Moved permanently (redirect)73339.8 %0
403Forbidden43723.7 %1.71 MB
404Document Not Found (hits on favicon excluded)36219.6 %786.28 KB
303See other document20911.3 %0
307Moved temporarily683.6 %0
302Moved temporarily (redirect)140.7 %0
500Internal server Error110.5 %63.04 KB
400Bad Request40.2 %136.89 KB
206Partial Content10 %30.31 KB
* Codes shown here gave hits or traffic "not viewed" by visitors, so they are not included in other charts.

Liam W

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500 is the only bad one, and is associated with downtime.

All the rest are normal status codes that aren't bad.

403 is where the user is forbidden to access a page, due to IP blocks or other deny rules
404 is the standard not found error