I'm an Admin on a PS3 gaming site, we currently use PHPBB3, we are collecting money to buy a VB Licence, when one of our members said we should look here. So here I am lol.

What can XenForo offer that VB can't?
Is it user friendly? Although we have gaming knowledge, alas our PHP knowledge is somewhat lacking. We are looking for software that is easy to use, easy to moderate, no hassles installing mods like portals, chats etc. Some feedback would be great cheers.


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See the Have You Seen...? section for a feature spotlight etc. It highlights some of the major features of XenForo.

As for 'easy to moderate' see Moderation Tools.

There's also a Tips, Tricks and Guides section for some how-to's for the XenForo software.

If you're thinking about creating modifications, see the whole of the Development area.

I figured I'd give solid information instead of my opinion, 'cause it'll only be biased towards XenForo ;)


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I can't offer an opinion on vBulletin as I have never used it.

I have however just switched from phpBB to XenForo and they are worlds apart when it comes to UI, ACP, moderating functions, etc.

Presumably you already use the Startrek Guide chat add-on for phpBB?
Well Darkimmortal's chat add-on for XenForo is already better than it as it allows you to set permissions for groups so they can edit and delete their own messages. Not to mention the click-zoom for thumbnails, separate popup page, etc.
How easy is it to apply add ons? Also when new updates are released, will they be easy to apply an would this require manual updating of add ons?


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Add-ons are a case of uploading the files to the server, browsing to the .xml file in the ACP and then applying any template edits if required.

If the add-on requires template edits, and those templates are changed between releases then you will need to revert and reapply the edits.
If the templates are not changed or the add-on utilises template hooks then no action is necessary.

Luke F

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vBulletin is an absolute joke in comparison to XenForo. Unless you have significant programming/design ability or don't care how your site looks and functions, you will never really be satisfied with vBulletin. And that applies to vBulletin 3.8 as well - in my experience vB4 was actually overall an improvement (but I was able to fix its shortcomings for myself).

vBulletin doesn't even have the better modding community any more if you ask me - XenForo makes it easy to churn out high quality and well-integrated addons, whereas vBulletin addons were almost exclusively a tacked-on procedural mess. Quality over quantity.


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xf lacks a few key features that people take for granted in vB, such as an ignore feature.
on the otherhand, xf does have vBs former developers, and is picking up vBs mod authors and theme creators every day.
imo there is no future in vB. the future is xf.


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Good luck.

If you have any specific issues related to your phpBB import, just say as I may be able to help.
One question I have, is it just the licence holder that can access the other forums. I never paid for the Licence, the money man did. I would still like to have access to the other forums though.


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If you have access to vB and Impex then it's fairly straightforward.
It took me 2 hours to do a double import and most of that time was for all the SQL queries and regex afterwards to tidy up all the BB Code.

One question I have, is it just the licence holder that can access the other forums. I never paid for the Licence, the money man did. I would still like to have access to the other forums though.
Get him to add your forum account to his customer account and you will then have access.
He can add up to 4 accounts.