XF 2.2 Query - Table size when moving MySQL5.7 to MariaDB 10.5

Just a quick question. I've just tried moving my XenForo install on a MySQL 5.7 database to a new database that uses MariaDB 10.5. All went well, and it was a simple drop-in replacement, but I did notice one oddity with table sizes and I'm not sure if this is normal.

For example, under MySQL my xf_phrase table was 2.1 MiB in size, but the same table under MariaDB is listed as only being 48.0 KiB in size despite having the same 10,000+ rows. Is this normal?
48K of data/storage doesn't sound right for 10K rows.

I use MariaDB 10.3 and with 10,683 rows it's 3.2MB.

Are you able to view all of the records in the table?
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