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Purging old threads


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I did a few searches but turned up nothing here as of yet. Could be I'm not using the right search terms, but maybe someone here can help.

I am testing out a handful of news feeds in the forum, in a separate area. I did not find a way in XF 1.0.x to purge threads after a certain number of days. Nor did I locate an add-on that would do this for me (either searching or browsing a dozen or more pages). With our news feeds, I see no reason to keep anything beyond 30 days. But, deleting them by hand would be tedious at best.

Is this a feature added in 1.1? Or is there an add-on I've overlooked? A manual run is OK but with the cron system, it could easily purge posts automatically (as I'm sure we'll forget :D ). It might check for threads that are no longer active, similar to the way vB's purging works.