XF 1.4 Purchased web host / XF license / Installation - However ...


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Hey @Brogan or any staff member .. I purchased my web-host just now .. and purchased the Xenforo license and installation. I am currently filling out the request to have this done. However, the following parts I'm not sure what to put before clicking 'submit request'.

1. FTP Server: ?
2. FTP User Name: ?
3. FTP Password: ?

MySQL User Name: ?
MySQL Password: ?
MySQL Database Name: ?

Notes or Special Requests: For example?


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You can get those details from your host.

Or, if you have cPanel, just provide the log in credentials and I can create the database for you when I do the installation.


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Perfect, Brogan. I'll leave them be for now and provide the log in credentials. Shall I leave the log in information in the Notes or Special Requests?


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Great! ... forgive me, Brogan .. but, when I go to m3lforums.com .... it asks me to sign in to launch this site. Thinking I would see the sign-in for my Xenforo forum ... I was thrown off. Am I doing something wrong here? Sorry for the ignorance. Building on the demo I got use to .. but, getting to this point I need a bit of assistance. :/


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m3lforums.com .... it asks me to sign into the cpanel
When I go to m3lforums.com it takes me to your XenForo forum. :)

Incidentally you'll have to sort out your URL, currently both www and non-www versions are working. You should redirect the www to non-www or vice versa. Details on how to do this are in the FAQ in Brogan's signature.