XF 2.2 Pulling data from a specific template


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I'm trying to pull some data from specific areas of a template so I can inject the data into a specific area of a different template. I don't want to <xf:include template="template" /> because I only want some of it. How can I find the name for the data area that I want to pull?

Here are my two examples:

1. I want to pull the XF Media Gallery total upload count from the XFMG stats widget and put it into the regular forum stats widget. I got it to display but the number it showed was 0 because it didn't know what data to use for the number.

2. I want to pull the Help page sidenav (help_wrapper) and put it somewhere like page_container or forum_list. Again, the sidenav that displayed didn't know what data to show so I had an empty box instead of the list of help page links.

Do you set up data-content-key values for this type of thing?
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