Pull Data From Forum To Main Site

Eric J.

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Just wondering if anyone knows how I can pull things like forum announcements to appear as news on my main site.

This is my site: http://pokebasic.com
And this is where I need the information from: http://pokebasic.com/community

I'd like to have a welcome message with the user's name as well and a log-in box.

So if this is possible just hoping for some help.


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You'll have to initialize the XenForo framework, and create an instance of the Thread model. Then call getThreadsInForum() method with appropriate parameters to fetch threads from your announcement forum.


Initializing XF in your script: (see posts #21 and #23)
» http://xenforo.com/community/threads/using-xenforo-permission-outside-of-xenforo.7585/page-2

Preparing threads for output: (see post #32)
» http://xenforo.com/community/threads/latest-posts-on-your-website.8798/page-2#post-122822

Fetching top-liked threads:
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