- vBulletin to xenForo, with Server + Traffic Graphs


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Our small community ( exists to help people heal from emotional abuse. It is also a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

After nearly a year of preparation and 45 pages of requirements, we successfully migrated our site to xenForo this weekend! You can check out the server + traffic graphs here:

We're so excited by these numbers, and hope the trend continues. Every single user seems to love it - I'm actually shocked to see zero complaints from anyone.

One of our challenges was deciding on a CMS. We used vBulletin CMS, and we ultimately decided to go with xenForo's Resource Manager. With some template tweaking, I think we got our articles looking pretty nice! Here's a side-by-side comparison of our old mobile CMS compared to XFRM:

Old: b52JHz4.png New: mobile_pf.png

We decided to keep the theme as similar to our old site as possible. A software change can be jarring for users, and we didn't want to introduce any unnecessary UI changes that might confuse people.

Huge thank you to Jake Bunce (for all of the code & htaccess help), Brogan and Chris D and Mike (for answering a billion of my questions here), Michael & Lauren from Litespeed (for getting our server ready to go), eva2000 (for all of his amazing free resources on optimization), and ForumCube (who did all of our custom development when my miserable coding skills weren't enough).

And also thank you to all of the plugin developers who offer such great free add-ons! Really makes for an amazing software and community :)


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Hi, great topic for a forum, too bad the need for such a forum exists.

Your style is really easy on the eyes, I really like the choice of colours, it suits your topic.

My only criticism is the background image. I found it distracting; my eyes always seemed to drift towards the brighter colours of the background image. With that said, it could be that I'm just getting older, so chalk that up to being just my opinion, :)


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Thanks @Lawrence ! We set a seasonal background, but I think you're right this one might be a bit much :) I will hop over to Google images and see if I can find something less distracting. Thanks again!
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