XF 1.5 prune old photos from gallery and attachments


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i am running out of space and i want to prune photos for example 2 years older even if they are attachments AND gallery uploads from certain categories, how ?


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25GB isn't that much. My attachment directory is 81GB. I have two 1TB drives in my dedicated server, the second drive I use as a backup for attachments and database dumps.


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it's not that much but i don't want to upgrade anything on the server and my backups are taking very long to create. anyway, is there any way to mass delete images older than 2 years for example?


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You could do this with the attachment browser and set the end date. You can delete 50 per page at once.


But it would not be a good idea for those older threads if people still read them. It is suggested that you get a bigger storage, should not cost to much.

That your backup takes time could be hard disk write speed, but also other server settings. Increasing the amount of pigz (on cpanel) to same as how many processors you have could help a bit.