Implemented Provide a user customizable CSS file option in the backend


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I have been using vB for years now but I never got the hang of how the styling system worked.

Every modification I made in vB3 was a result of hit and trial.

Things became a lot easy when they added the advertising module in vB4 that enabled me to put in my ad codes and other scripts easily on the forum without modifying the core files.

I expect to see something like this in XF too.

An add-on that I found for vB4 has also become very useful for me... It basically let you add your own CSS code in the backend. This CSS code is processed at the end of the theme code so your own properties override all the previous ones.

The benefit is that you can make small modifications to the forum without messing around with the default theme and it is all available at a unified place.

I use it to change the font size of the post content and some other minor changes.

This suggestion is largely a result of this thread:


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ok. the video did not exactly show what i was looking for but it is pretty clear that what i want should be part of the styling system... all cool now. :)